A third year University project surrounding the theme of 'making the intangible, tangible.' I found this to be an intriguing concept, debating what was tangle and intangible to start with! I played with lots of different routes but found that fear was a concept that was intangible in the sense that you cannot touch or look after it. But more than this, I found a meta meaning in the fact that there were also fears that were tangible and tangible. This led to an ever changing installation as pictured below where visitors would take a coin from two piles. One pile was tangible fears like spiders and birds, the other was intangible fears like going insane or going blind, things that you cannot experience until they happen, making the fear intangible. The visitor would then inspect both coins, the one they found to be the most frightening they posted into the slot leading to the clear box, and the one they were not afraid of they posted in a 'reject' blackout box. This caused an every changing race to see whether people were most scared of tangible or intangible things.
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